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Product Description:

  • This unit is GSM and GSM plus GPRS & GPS based Emergency Calling System (SOS) Designed by Visionary Technologies. It is used on Indian national highways. There are 1, 3 or multiuser models. User can push call button placed on the SOS box, the call will be initiated to the control room at the same time SMS are send to the patrolling vehicles and ambulance too (if required). Thus it becomes helpful to the Accidental Traveler on the road in case of Emergency to get help from Toll booth.

  • This Unit works with Battery and Solar Panel. Its working is continuously monitored by respective toll Control room. GPS location & unit live status is periodically send to server room by TCP IP on given IPNO. It helps to keep the system running 24x7.Our installed project system runs continuously & successfully from last 2-3 yrs without any failure. We claim min 95% Availability of ECB box in 24x7.

  •  The above system can also be used for disaster management


  • On National Highway (SOS)

  • With Any Emergency System

  • Any GSM GPS Application

  • Disaster Management

Salient Features:-

  • Industrial Microchip Technology

  • Led display

  • SMS programming

  • TCPIP , GPRS data send to server

  • User Friendly